Video production. Video editing. Videography.

BTT Visuals is a one-man video production service based in Grays, Essex and operating in London and the south. I have 10 years of shooting and editing experience and have worked with companies such as the Premier League, Sky News, The Sun, Babyliss, Odeon, and many more.

I can provide professional filming, editing, graphic creation, video production and transcription/subtitling services at an affordable price.

You can find some examples of work below.

Premier League Pub Quiz
Video editor, 10 May 2020
Video editor, 26 April 2020


Video editor, 19 December 2019
Video editor, 31 October 2019


Video editor/producer, 12 January 2023
Producer, 21 September 2022

Comedy sketches

Video editor, 13 March 2018

Video editor, 3 January 2018

Brand promotion

Video editor, 24 April 2019
Video editor and camera operator, 3 October 2018


Video editor, 19 March 2019
Video editor and secondary camera operator, 7 November 2018


Video editor and secondary camera,
28 September 2016
Videographer, producer and voice over,
21 May 2016
Videographer, 11 April 2020